Ten recommendations to the International society about Syria and the region

Dr. Kamal Allabwani

 1-It is not possible to overcome the failure and finish the chaos and stop the deterioration without unifying the efforts and adopting complete comprehensive project on the long run. This needs a change in the traditional political beliefs by all parties. This is exactly the mentality that brought us here… And this deterioration is an indication for the need for change.

 2- The necessity to involve the stakeholders and individuals who have real interest and who are not intruders. It is a must to stop imposing artificial leaders and using agents, and set free of the delusion of representation and legality before the maturity of democracy. Look for political military leadership that is effective and able to get its legality through working and to stop adopting a certain leadership that is given legality which will be lost once this certain leadership proves to be corrupt and failure.

 3- The necessity to stop depending on reports and partial information that does not take into consideration all elements; the security reports do not cancel the role of politicians. Information need a brain to analyze it and evaluate its importance. All the teams that are working now in the region have mis-evaluated the situation and mislead the decision makers. Therefore; it is a must to change the elements and the individuals responsible for these files and the ways decisions are made.

 4- The key factor in the conflict against extremism is the people who suffer the most; so helping the people to be liberated and to organize them and guard the security; all these elements are the key to stability. Displacing the people and humiliating them (acts carried out by the regime) as people were left for depression (responsibility of the international society) this left a vacuum and transferred the region to a hole of destruction, extremism and crime… and get out of this situation we don’t need to bring the criminal to the table of negotiations or to crack a deal with them. This method to deal with matters complicated the crisis further in the region.

5- The crisis cannot be solved through military action; there must be political, economic, media and educational efforts. It is not right to use the criminal dictator in fighting terrorism; both are two sides of the same coin. War against terrorism requires war against autocracy. Therefore we should stop looking for quick shallow solutions using autocratic dictator individuals and regimes; the situation is deeper than to be treated through a game or a deal.

6- There could be involvement in military and security arrangements in cooperation with forces in the region and some countries to execute the project of stability that depends on the people in the first place. There is no need for international decision or negotiations with other parties or deals that have become revolting and causing more problems.

7- These arrangements do not need interference through land forces; all that is needed is logistical assistance and organization of the revolutionary forces and society. There will be though a need for air force interference for protection and focused strikes. If ISIS is left to become stronger and its roots dug hard into the ground we might not find the necessary fighters who are ready to stand with us in our fight against ISIS.

8- There is a possibility to start establishing a stable and liberated area in the south and towards Damascus. All the success factors are available if Israel and Jordan cooperated with the people of the area. The success of this operation does not need any international approval or big military interference by the west. The same could be done in the north with the help of Turkey. It is possible to start negotiating with western coastal area and the northern eastern area and all the components of the society to them in the national project without the Assad regime as it is the cause of the problem, then to complete the liberation and unifying Syria in the face of chaos, murder, extremism and terrorism. Free Damascus the capital can strongly influence the general mood in Syria. A central strong and moderate government could contribute in liberating the country and unifying it quickly the very thing that will annihilate the role of Iran and Hezbollah and extremism and terrorism.

9- If we were to witness this cooperation and after the stability of the situation it will be easy to achieve peace with Israel in accordance with the international law and new dynamics and different methods. Peace will guarantee direct social openness and interaction between the people of the nations and on the economic level and shared security among all the states in the region and the people of the area. Historical agreements will be signed and cooperation relationships will be established based on good neighborly relationships of mutual interests. All security measures will be put in place to put an end to all fears. Stability of the region is subject to cooperation among the different parties

10- All these principles could be discussed in details with the effective forces on the ground directly or through a military political team that enjoys good coherent vision. Forming this team needs initial approval from the concerned and friendly countries. It needs execution of building trust measures and adopting a budget and setting a plan and to extend logical aid to form real effective organizations. It will gain its legality from work and achievement, success is interactive and depends on the effort put by each party. The future is open in front of us and is related to what we do today.

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