About the arrest of the French Jihadist who returned from Syria to attack the Brussels.

Any crisis in the world will affect everywhere, this is the globalization,  we need an international system for peace and security, and implementation authority body…   but when the international laws still blocked by Vito. we all have to expect suffer, it is our duty to prevent export terrorism from our country, but we fight for freedom and good state alone, against five states try to occupy Syria and dislocate its people, continue committing huge humanitarian war crimes in Syria ( without international reaction) ,  also we have to fight  the very fanatic ideology which find the very suitable land…

 So.. we have to work together in positive plane to rebuild the stability on justice and freedom , to fill the vacuum, and  to absorb the fanatic groups in the moderate  societies.

So.. we need the president Obama, and the EU to know that nobody can live alone any more. ( this is the message of terrorist I expect ), I am sorry to say that half million victims pay their lives in Syria , and it is not a problem for the governments till now , this which encourage the crazy violence against anybody everywhere,  and make somebody try to kill himself with the others ( terrorist ).

All of us have duties I believe ..

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