The general situation in Middle East

Dr. Kamal Labwani

Dr. Kamal Labwani

In my home land, there is a war, severe and cruel …

 lot of states in the region have failed till now, the others are going to do … wide international civil war have erupted in all the large Middle East, a conflict across  the borders between all identities and religions whom struggling to sustain,

 … So. All of this chaos are announcing the birth of the political globalization, in its negative picture of undeveloped world, which choose to start in the minimal stable area,

This area had been suffering from artificial stupid and violent modernization, lead finally the states to fail dramatically as the dominos.

Who involved in this situation has the following options:

  • To have the most lethal weapons as Iran do,
  • To use the most fanatic terrorist ideology as Al- Qaeda do,
  • To commit all kinds of the crimes, use all kinds of weapons include mass destruction, and invite any cruel intervention or  occupation, as the Syrian regime  with Russia do,
  • Or To stay apart represent and sustain the fail, as the UN and international society do, the same behave of Syrian opposition, also some confused states in the west and the region which decided to wait only, the worst to happen. (so … I mean all of us  here)

Overall seeing  

Dictators inherit the colonial occupation, ruled artificial states, used the state as a huge military prison, and destroyed the traditional system, without building new alternative one, exaggerated the crises of economy education and population.

 For decades, political and cultural superstructures, handicap society development needs, till the conflict blow up between all peoples and all systems (so called Arabic spring), deteriorated to a total chaos.

      The authorities Faced by revolutions had only one aim: to destroy these prisons. Uncover the cutout between the political elites and the people, also between the history and the modernity.

This revolutions faced by severe violence, in a trial to sustain the dictator systems (which called stability in the west), as in Libya and Syria, or renew them as happened in Tunisia, Egypt, Yamen, without real respond to the deep needs. All of this make the despaired people and societies suitable fields to the fanatic and terrorism ideology, which became strong enough to face the arrogance tyranny, and able to prevail the pain as a kind of justice.

Only the orthodox fanatic groups appear as practical contradict reaction: have solid structure depend on believes guarded by terrorism, behave as independent states instead of the fail regimes, represent the religion, the history, and jumping the walls of the prisons and borders, Fighting by simple weapons, also challenged international colonial power, and insist to call it to intervene and fight, against the will of the people, to show them the bad face of the modernity  which is  very needed to ashore and support the fanatic ideology … so all of this compose  vicious circle which is seen  now in the Medill East .

As much as the conflict appear: religious, sectarian, savage…, as much as it is promising, the severity reflex the amount of suppression of the modern needs.

Generally all the people need peace but went to war, because they fail in producing the policies or systems and governments which can respond to their normal needs, so… the democracy the freedom the human rights are absolutely essential agents for peace and stability, in the opposite of the usual west behave there.

All the signs now refer to exaggeration in all crises: large sectarian civil war, international clash, humanitarian disasters, and nightmare of terrorism and using the mass destruction weapons, which has its license lately from Obamas administration.

The international criminal court is totally stopped by the UN Security Council itself. So the impunity is already given to all criminals, especially whom lead a states and armies and militias. Which mean, that everybody have right to kill as he want and everywhere. Without need to kill himself as the terrorist do. This is the less price I have been expected from the strategy of keeping the Syrian regime killing without any reaction, the victims whom wait the justice for very long hard time, discover easily that they are not week any more  just if they change their names and flags from revolutionist to Jihadists.

As we see because the absence of justice everybody feel that he is a victim. So who do that who assumes the main responsibilities, I mean exactly who win the Second World War and built their selfish international system.

 To secure the region and the world from more danger, to avoid third world war, and big clash between the religions, we need international respect to the same methods and values for all, we need outside positive lever, local cooperation, long term investment in administration, security, education, service, and encourage real reform in religions. To rebuilt the societies and the political systems again from the ruins.

To regulate this unproductive chaos we note:

  • Air forces and wars cannot solve the problem.
  • Waiting to exhaust the fanatic powers is bad strategy, the war exaggerate its power and its spread.
  • The Chaos cannot regulate itself easily and fast. It need outside help, large project for all the region, and local- international coalition not only to fight, but also to build.
  • It need to start from a safe zoon, to rebuild the living example of the new system and authorities. With the local society but by a new reformed culture.
  • A Plan to expand the safe zoon , and encourage all the area to participate the goal
  • The urgent need to use power is to put limit to the dangerous militia: as Hezbollah, Isis, and mass destruction weapons.
  • Only one successful strategy may be used to defeat the fanatic terrorist groups: is to withdraw the land under this ideology by treating the causes, especially stop violence against the society, and restore the civil life. Which give chance to make cultural reform.

nobody can live alone, and nobody hate the civilization, but my people face its bad translation as dictator corrupt tyranny regimes or air strikes, some of my people think the past is better so they escape backwards to the very old savage history, some of them think the problem Is the land … so they try to escape overseas and come here to the Dutch land. By the laws of the globalization.

Normally the (human aware work) start by a plan. But  the history moves by  blind contradicted elements, which conflict and change each other … this define the deference between us  here and whom involved in the conflict there … so I think  the matter is not  the paper,

Any positive plan need executive institution, which unfortunately still unaware to the methods, ethics till now is not a benefits for the great powers … so the international system also need an urgent reform.

Traditionally tender Middle East still as a reactor of cultures. And now this reactor is boiling, so I invite all peoples represented here to participate.  

 Dr. Mohamad Kamal Allabwani


Damascus institute for research and studies

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